Monday, September 5, 2011

The Second Story Competition is ING !

----Share your shopping experience with !
A Chance to win $1500 USD !

For the First Story Competition has completed successfully, Top-dresses are actively preparing for the Second Story Competition. What are you waiting for? Join now!
Would you like to win $1500 USD from Share the story of your shopping experience on, and you'll automatically be included in the competition to win. The winners will be chosen by representatives from according to the story's quality as well as the comments quantity, and the winners will receive up to $1500 prize!

How to Enter:
1.   Write a story that is at least 150 words. Description should at least include your experience with the website, customer service, promos, shipping or products, etc.
2.   Enclose a photo together with the product's item number and link to go along with the story.
3.   Publish your story to any forums, SNS websites ( Facebook, Myspace, Google+, etc ) or personal blogs.
4.   Send an email to to inform us the link where you have submitted your story. Please include the login email/name of the entry as well as your name, your nationality, your PayPal and Top-Dresses account.
5.   Invite your friends, as many as possible to comment for your story, which will be the main evaluation criterion. The more comments you get, the higher the chances of you standing to win! Duplication of person or comments will be forfeited.
6.   The competition will be started from Oct 1, 2011 to Oct 1, 2012.

Competition prize money:
1. will choose 1 winner every week as Week winner and give $100. Week winner will be announced on Every Saturday on our website and our official blog.
2. will choose 1 winner every month as Month winner and give $500. Month winner will be announced at the end of Every Month on our website and our official blog.
3. will choose 1 winner as Year winner and give $1500. Year winner will be announced on Oct 10, 2012 on our website and our official blog.
4.   The money will be sent either via PayPal or to your Top-Dresses account.
5.   We will put the link of every winner's story (on any forums, SNS websites or personal blogs) on our website and our official blog to show the authenticity and fairness.

Just tap your keyboard now, to let your thoughts flow free, share your experience across. Join the story competition on now, Maybe you will be the right one to win the $1500 prize!

Top-Dresses Group
Sep 6, 2011 

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