Sunday, September 4, 2011

LuoYang National Flower Garden – Beautiful Peony

September comes, and the fragrance of autumn becomes stronger and stronger. Walking along the street, there is all of depression, no flowers, no green color anywhere. I could not help thinking of Luoyang Peony Festival in the first half of this year. Luckily I went to LuoYang National Flower Garden,and took a lot of photos of peonys. peony is national flower of China, really beautiful flower. Here I’ll share some pictures with you^_^.
  • all the flowers are blooming in spring
  • Attract the attention of little bee
  • Full of silently conveyed tenderness
  • Hearts always united
  • Indulge in self-admiration
  • Listen to the wind when free
  • National flower towards the sun
  • Remain aloof from the world
  • Still hiding half her face behind her pipa
  • The Full-Blown Life
  • The three walking together
  • The world of two people


  1. You could export to Lisbon. Lots of Chinese shops here in Portugal

  2. Yeah. Thanks for following my @lisbonlifestyle twitter back.
    ~Serious. Business exports of your fashion into Lisbon Chinese shops is a must!