Thursday, February 20, 2014



These days , many old friends asked a same question :do you know a new site named ?
At first i don't know ,in order to help my friends make some reference.
So I studied this site now and share some of my views.

  • First , it is a new site .Some people like  new site because it have new fashion new look new styles and so on .but some else are afraid of new ,they have skeptical critical attitudes to all of new  things .maybe it's a scam  ? who know ? My view is that anything is a beginning of new thingsFor the new things that we should understand and support.But don't forget safe ,we must make sure that it is a safe site ,so maybe you can  communicate with the service customer  before make order .
  • Second, price and quality is important .I have seen many similar shopping site which  price is very cheap about $5-8 , very impressive right ? but the quality equal to the price so that when you buy anything please don't forget this truth .if you charge $10 but want $100 worthy maybe it's difficult .i think this site prices are moderate level, so quality should be not bad .
  • In addition, I appreciate it have many true photos about clothes ,Under normal circumstances, our normal body proportions and professional models have a big gap compared. so we need more true photos instead of beautiful model pictures .
  • Last ,can we have a  try ? Of course ! A best way is make a small order for test ,if it does not make you satisfied, It does not matter you have only a slight loss .if it's good ,Congratulations, you have found a new shopping site .
I hope my suggestions can help you.