Sunday, October 16, 2011

How To Test Electromagnetic Radiation

Anti electromagnetic radiation garment is able to prevent human body from electromagnetic waves radiation.

The garment was made from a kind of fiber interwoven with anti- radiation material. The anti-radiation material is capable of resisting 99 percent of electromagnetic waves, and will not irritate the skin. The material can be used for making shirts, skirts and T-shirts.

And how to test electromagnetic radiation of anti-radiation garment? There are some Notes about how to wear anti-radiation garment.

1. Use garment tightly wrap a cell phone for about 1 to 2 minutes. Most cell phone reception signal strength indicator will show weakened.

2. When putting a cell phone beside a flat screen TV, the screen image will flicker when incoming call. Put anti-radiation dress between the cell phone and TV screen, screen flicker would reduced or cleared.

3. Take out the garment sample in the package. Examine the residue after burning the sample piece, you see black mesh anti-radiation metal fiber. (This method applies to metal fiber base anti-radiation dress.)

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