Thursday, November 3, 2011

Korean Style Clothes On Top-dresses

The Korean wave, also known as "Hallyu" , has spread all over the world. It is one of the hottest trends this fall in 2011, and surely it continues on as 2012 fashion trend.

Today I would like to share some Korean actresses’ fashion pictures with all of you Korean fashion lovers out there. Do you want to get them at a low price? It is not a question for you, they are on sale on We will present to you the latest trend in Korean clothing for women. As an added feature, we will also show you some of the Korean brand's beauty products, shoes, jewelry, bags, and accessories available for you to purchase at low price. Now, it's time to dress up like Korean actresses and suprise your other half!

Here are some gorgeous winter fashion pictures of popular Korean Actresses.

 Korean Actress Park Si Yeon Fashion Pictures | Korean Fashion
This look is pretty edgy with the white and black brogue shoes and fedora hat. Its semi-androgynous because of the dress she’s wearing. To create a total androgynous look, try wearing a pair of harem pants or skinny black jeans.

 Korean Actress Park Si Yeon Fashion Pictures | Korean Fashion
Nice poncho coat in camel brown color. Love the way how she accessorize it with a pageboy cap and a pair of black gloves.

 Korean Actress Lee Da Hae Fashion Pictures | Korean Fashion
Another look that’s great for work. The trench coat and her shoes are gorgeous!

Korean Actress Lee Da Hae Fashion Pictures | Korean Fashion
A smart look that is great for work, love the camel brown skirt.

 Korean Actress Han Ga In Fashion Pictures | Korean Fashion
Love this red coat and fur shawl that she’s wearing, makes her look posh even without any jewelry.

Korean Actress Go Jun Hee Fashion Pictures | Korean Fashion
Another example of creating a new look with creative layering. If your hair is as long as hers, you can try wearing a plait too (or 2 plaits for a cuter look)!

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